1. Martinsville
  2. Danville
  3. Henry County
  4. Franklin County
  5. Patrick County
  6. Pittsylvania County
108 E Main St. P.O. Box 4511
Martinsville, Virginia 24115

Phone: 276-656-CARE(2273)
Fax: 276-656-2247
Danville Phone Number :
434-793-CARE (2273)
Email: dependablehhc@yahoo.com

One-on-One Care

How does Home Health Care work? Basically, it’s all about one-on-one care.  We give dedicated care and attention to one client at a time.  One nurse or aide will attend to one household per assignment.  Care is more personalized and clients receive maximum assistance from our staff.  Dependable Home Healthcare, LLC has mastered these operations by serving the community for many years in Virginia.

To guide you in choosing the care program for yourself or a family member, here are some commonly asked questions and their answers:

Are home health care costs covered by insurance?
That actually depends on your insurance provider.  Some insurances cover home health care costs while others do not.  Please contact your insurance provider to know about this, or we could contact them for you.  You could also try government special health programs like Medicare, Medicaid and the like.

Are there times that services are specifically available and unavailable?
Services are available all the time.  Just like illnesses and discomfort do not take a break, so do we.  Even on holidays and weekends, our services are always available.  So there’s no need to worry.  We are literally always here for you.

Do I get to choose who my care provider is or change my current one?
Yes and Yes.  Of course you can.  Our services are designed for your convenience and wellness so you are free to choose the appropriate person for you and change your current one as long as there are still available spares.

How soon do services begin after request?
Services begin as quickly as possible after requesting it.  Please call us at 276-656-CARE(2273) to start the process.

What to do if your staff fails to come to his shift?
Forgive us if a staff of ours fails to come to an appointment.  Usually we ask our staffs to inform us prior their absence, so that we could send you a temporary substitute.  But if a staff takes absence without permission, then please notify as immediately, that proper action may be immediately taken.